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Winter, 2017



Through looking at the absence of gender, I found the American designer and artist, Vito Acconci, and his video art series ‘Conversions’. Through studying this artwork, along side Bruce Nauman and others, I have discovered a whole new approach to my own artwork. Creating large scale graphite drawings of my own form in front of a camera, I have discovered that through the creation of my art, I am a performer. Interacting with my self, creating both a disconnect and a bridge between body and mind.


I separate myself from my body, looking objectively at every curve and crevasse of my form. The exploitation of the female body as a sexual and a domestic object is a topic I have focussed my study on for a number of years now. 

Pushing myself into the objectification of my body, I create an image of woman, I hope, without sexualisation, without stereotype but with the power of every imperfection and the essence of life. 


Now, I wish to continue ‘performing’ in front of the camera, creating simultaneously both video and graphite artworks on a large scale, which will develop to become my final piece. Along side this, after being to Le Biennale, and viewing the work of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ I am seriously considering playing with monologue and sound work, as I have for my video art before. 


I feel developing monologues along side my current work will cement in my own mind, and hopefully others the message and theory of my artwork. Talking about the disconnect and therefore the connect of my body and mind, how we see and how we feel.