Winter 2016


‘This is not my body, this is the body'


John Bergers ‘Ways of Seeing’ suggests statements such as ‘Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.’ Relating this to western societies behavior, this project is an in-depth study into the physical form and psychological state of women in today's western modernised society, developing on my self-portraits and the abstraction of females as a collective.


Egon Schiele has always been a favorite artist of mine and my knowledge about his life and portfolio of brash human forms, I believe, is reasonably vast. He was once quoted in a letter to his uncle in 1911, to say “I shall go so far that people will be seized with terror at the sight of each of my works of ‘living art’”. He is well known for distorting the physical vision of the human form, I feel I have already adopted a similar style to his when drawing the human form, and this only drives me to focus on the naked body further. In previous projects I had questioned in depth the idea of ‘What is Beauty?’ in a way, I feel my ideas for this project links with my ideas of looking at boundaries of the human form and the idea of challenging and changing how western society, in particular, perceives beauty and measure our own bodies in todays society.


I have decided to use myself as my subjec, by choosing this route I will be able to show an emotional connection and response to my artwork, thinking about the idea of challenging how comfortable I am in my own skin. Thinking about how this project may emotionally support me out of the studio I want question; ‘Is it possible to be the audience and the artists?’. 


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