Winter, 2018.

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The Body Pendulum
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The Bridge

I explore relationships between object and subject in relation to my body, specifically, experiences of the lived female body through somaesthetic disciplines, proposed by Richard Shusterman in ‘Body Consciousness’(2012). In this project, I aim to explore the relationship between the mind and body, through the feminist lens, considering and questioning the perceptual values of the body and the 'self'. My research is a personal and explorative process surrounding the perceptual function of the female form, highlighting individual experiences of the body in social, political and physical roles (Grosz, 1994).

Here I exlpore further the idea of 'personal as political', eploring the auto-biographical from the outside, in. An essential tool in my art practice is the use of Richard Shusterman’s theory on body consciousness. In this, Shusterman suggests that there are, at least, four levels of conscious perception. In order to grasp a perceptual understanding of my body through performative acts, I must attempt to realise my body through the last two stages of Shusterman’s theory.  To understand my self, as a subject, I must be explicitly aware of my own bodily perception, turning my attention to, and reflecting on, my internal somatic sensations.